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Betsy Devos Doesn’t Support Public Schools

November 30, 2016LGBT Program Director Erin Fitzgerald of Media Matters comes on the program to talk about bout how Betsy Devos doesn’t like teachers, only supports private schools  and how little accountability ...

Celebrate your Vote

October 31, 2016Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner from MomsRising talks about making voting fun. She suggests pump-up songs and voting outfits. Send us your photos and playlists to @theunionedge or requests@theunionedge.com

Political ads in KY take aim at coal workers

October 31, 2016Bill Londrigan, president of the Kentucky AFL-CIO discusses the misleading political ads surrounding coal miners.

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President on Sexism in Politics

October 31, 2016Rick Bloomingdale, president of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, discusses the sexism that he’s observed in American politics, particularly through Hillary Clinton’s long tenure working in the government.

Environmental standards could actually create jobs

October 31, 2016Doug Cunningham just got off the phone with Leo Gerard, who says public buildings should be brought up to the highest environmental standards, which will combat climate change while also ...

To report first or report accurately?

October 31, 2016What’s going on with this email scandal now? The media freaked out and reported before gathering all the facts, says Media Matters’ research fellow Oliver Willis.

Breaking Through by MomsRising: Make a Plan to Vote and Bring a Friend!

October 31, 2016On this radio show we talk about what’s at stake in the elections, hear about sexism on the campaign trail and women leaders who are in the political pipeline, get ...

Political ads & those left behind

October 27, 2016This election is bitterly divisive in part because many feel the democratic process has simply left them behind. Former Senator Allen Kukovich joins us with his thoughts on this and ...

PA Looks to Green Party

October 27, 2016Michael Badges-Canning, a retired teacher, is running as a Green Party candidate in PA. He discusses why he’s critical of the Democrats’ labor record, why he’s running for the PA ...

Education Watchdog

October 27, 2016Butch Santicola, The Education Watchdog, is in the studio with Matt Edgell to discuss the impact PA elections will have on our education system.

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