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What it Means to Live a “Life of Class”, Like the Rooneys

April 18, 2017The Labor Intensive: Former SEIU International VP Rosemary Trump and Retired IUP Professor Charlie McCollester invites Liverpool Geographer Paul Laxton talk about the concerns around Brexit, the end of socialized ...

Why Customers Should be Able to Choose A U.S. Based Call Center Rep

April 18, 2017CWA Verizon worker Jennifer Szpara lays out why community members should join tomorrow’s rally in support of HR 1300 legislation in Congress, which would allow telecommunications customers to opt to ...

Why Democracy Hinges on Defeating Obstacles to Voting Rights and Redistricting

April 18, 2017Erin Kelley, co-President of the League of Women Voters of Indiana, explains the intentional voting rights obstructions that voters face in Indiana. Her partner in crime, Lisa Plencner, co-President of the ...

President Trump’s Hypocrisy Around Supporting Workers

April 18, 2017Jim Chase of Cut to the Chase Radio invites Teamsters Training Coordinator Shawn Ellis review President Trump’s newest “Buy and Hire American” executive order in light of his history of anti-union ...

Could Trump Do One Thing Right By American Workers?

April 18, 2017Trump may do one thing right by American workers, by an executive order reviewing ‘Buy American, Hire American’ practices. POLITICO Reporter Megan Cassella weighs in.

Trump Props Up Moribund Coal Jobs for Votes

April 18, 2017Media Matters Climate & Energy Researcher Kevin Kalhoefer lays out the sunny outlook for sustainable energy jobs, and why Trump is ignoring those facts in favor of reviving moribund coal jobs.

Trump Puts Trojan Horse in Proposed Tax Breaks, Goes After Social Security

April 18, 2017Linda Benesch of Social Security Works lays out the “trojan horse” of President Trump’s proposed tax breaks and how they are designed to defund Social Security. Don’t be fooled, and ...

High Stakes Special Election in Georgia for Dems

April 18, 2017Charlie Fleming joins us from the Georgia AFL-CIO to talk about today’s high-stakes special election for Georgia’s 6th congressional district.

S1 Ep 10: Copays, Coinsurance and the Financial Crisis of Healthcare

April 17, 2017This week’s guest on Healthcare Politics with Steve Larchuk is Charles F. Pennacchio, a PhD who has spent a decade advocating for Healthcare for All. In an effort to educate ...

Upcoming Workers’ Memorial Day

April 17, 2017Bill Londrigan, President of the Kentucky AFL-CIO talks about Workers Memorial Day and their efforts to continue pressuring congress to do what’s best for working people.

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On this week's Breaking Through by MomsRising.org: Activism in the Time of Trump with special guests Anna Chu of National Women's Law Center ; Heather McGhee, Pres. of Demos ; authors Rachel Roth and Maritere Bellas


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