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Alyssa Hansen – TN AFL-CIO – December 13, 2017

December 13, 2017Alyssa Hansen joins of from the Tennessee AFL-CIO.

Berry Craig – KY AFL-CIO – Republicans Lose Big in Alabama

December 13, 2017We talk about yesterdays’ big Alabama Senate race Berry Craig joins us from the Kentucky Labor Council.

Brian Gordon – CCD – Suing to Stop Gerrymandering in PA

December 13, 2017Attorney Brian Gordon from Concerned Citizens for Democracy describes how they’re suing to stop gerrymandering in Pennsylvania.

Randall Marshall – ACLU – Fighting for Voting Rights

December 13, 2017We discuss voting rights with Randall Marshall, Executive Director of ACLU Alabama.

The New American Economy: Preserving our National Parks and Wildlife Refuges in Times of Budget Slashing

December 13, 2017America has long seen bi-partisan support for National Parks and the National Wildlife refuge system. Why were they established, and how has their purpose changed over the years? Are they ...

Sara Karlin-Smith – POLITICO – The Science Behind Anti-Aging

December 13, 2017Scientists are working on a drug to ease the aging process. Sarah Karlin-Smith discusses her story, “Why a drug for aging would challenge Washington.”

Julie Alderman – Media Matters – GOP Gives Up Children’s Insurance to Fund Tax Cuts For The Rich

December 13, 2017Republicans are selling out children’s health insurance to fund corporate tax cuts, Julie Alderman reports for Media Matters.

Dolores McCracken – PSEA – PA Rejects Paycheck Protection Act, Workers Rejoice

December 13, 2017In many states, legislators are trying to ban paycheck dues deductions for public employees. Pennsylvania recently rejected its version, SB166, and PSEA President Dolores McCracken joins us to talk about ...

Doug Cunningham – Moore Loses in Alabama

December 13, 2017Labor reporter Doug Cunningham joins us to discuss the Alabama Senate race and importance of net neutrality.

Rich Fiesta – Alliance for Retired Americans – The GOP Tax Plan Will Hurt Retired Americans

December 11, 2017Rich Fiesta of the Alliance for Retired Americans comes on the program to talk about a few of the many ways that the GOP tax plan is going to hurt ...

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