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The Legal Checkup: Auto Insurance 101 (pt 2)

June 28, 2017Automotive Insurance 101, Part 2: Joyce Novotny-Prettiman and Vince Quatrini continue their analysis of your Automotive Insurance Declarations page to help ensure that you’re receiving the most “peace of mind” ...

S1 Ep20 – Healthcare Politics – Rural Hospitals Are Closing!

June 26, 2017This week on Healthcare Politics With Steve Larchuk we have Alan Morgan, Chief Executive Officer at The National Rural Health Association on to talk to us about how there are ...

Tax breaks at the expense of the health of the poor?

June 22, 2017Alex Rowell from the Center for American Progress joins us to explain that it is unacceptable that we are planning on cutting health insurance for working families in order to ...

Education Watchdog

June 22, 2017This week on The Education Watchdog with Butch Santicola we invite Beth Ludeman, the Caucus Chair For Professional Staff within the United Staff Union, to chat with us about how ...

Why are white men the only ones who get a say in the healthcare debate?

June 22, 2017Julie Alderman of Media Matters asks the important question we face today: Why are we asking only white men about what we need to do with healthcare? We discuss some ...

Pittsburgh Community College CCAC Provides Free Courses!

June 22, 2017Theresa Bryant, the Vice President of Workplace Development at the Community College of Allegheny County, comes on the show to talk about the great programs that they will be providing ...

Hilda Poulson & Sandra Bixler – NUHW – NLRB tells Queens of the Valley to stop breaking the law

June 21, 2017NLRB tells Queens of the Valley to stop breaking the law

Andrea Kaminski – League of Women Voters – Supreme Court to Hear Gerrymandering Case

June 20, 2017Andrea Kaminski, the League of Women Voters Wisconsin Executive Director, discusses the history of gerrymandering and the upcoming Supreme Court case to determine whether Wisconsin’s the most recent redistricting was ...

Jim Chase & Michael Johnston – CTTC – Some Charter Schools Only Graduate 30% Of Their Students

June 20, 2017Jim Chase of Cut The The Chase Talk Radio bring Michael Johnston, a retired teacher and labor historian, on the program to talk a little about labor history as well ...

Kim Zetter – POLITICO – Georgia Has No Voter Paper Trail, Risks Of Hacks A Real Concern

June 20, 2017Kim Zetter, a POLITICO contributor, joins us to talk about how there is a possibility of hacking when it comes to Georgia voting machines. This especially dangerous due to the ...

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