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Buck Geno & Grace Trudell – Women in the Trades

January 19, 2018Buck Geno of Work in Progress Radio joins us with special guest Grace Trudell, Business Representative with IBEW Local 58 and member of the Detroit Chapter of the Coalition of ...

Deb Kline – Cleveland JWJ – McDonald’s Puts Out Another Awful Employee Budget

January 19, 2018Deb Kline of the Cleveland Jobs with Justice joins us to talk about the McDonald’s suggested 2018 “Employee Budget,” and why we need to keep fighting for fairness in the ...

Connie Mabin – USW NextGen – The 2018 Jefferson Awards

January 19, 2018USW NextGen Coordinator Connie Mabin joins us to talk about their big plans for the NextGen young steelworkers program in 2018, their recruitment of new members, and how to nominate ...

Chris Garlock – DC Labor – New Minimum Wage in Maryland

January 19, 2018Chris Garlock of the DC Labor Council joins us to talk about women’s marches happening around this country this weekend, the possibility of a new minimum wage for the state ...

Rick Bloomingdale – PA AFL-CIO – What Does Janice vs AFSCME Mean To Public Sector Unions?

January 19, 2018Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale joins us to talk about the upcoming Janice vs. AFSCME supreme court case in February, the implications this could have for public sector unions around ...

Buck Geno – WIP Radio – How The NLRB Tip Rule Change Will Affect Women

January 19, 2018Buck Geno of Work in Progress Radio joins us to talk about the terrible implications forced tip sharing would have on the restaurant industry, particularly with women and single mothers. ...

Cory Bennett – POLITICO – Five Years After Snowden, Security Hawks Notch Landmark Win

January 19, 2018POLITICO Cyber Security Editor Cory Bennett joins us to talk about his article, “Five Years After Snowden, Security Hawks Notch Landmark Win.”

Brian Gordon – CCD – Courts To Decide on Gerrymandering Case Soon

January 19, 2018Brian Gordon, member of Concerned Citizens for Democracy and co council on Agre vs. Wolf joins us to talk about gerrymandering in the state of Pennsylvania, and how Republicans have ...

Doug Cunningham – Union Membership is on the Rise

January 19, 2018Labor Reporter Doug Cunningham joins us to talk about a women’s marches happening around the country, union membership numbers on the rise, and other big labor headlines from around the ...

Informed Action – January 18, 2018

January 18, 2018Tom Balya and former PA Representative Allen Kukovich discuss the real reasons the government may shut down after tomorrow.

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