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The Tech Industry’s H1B Visa Problem

April 28, 2017Brent Parton of New America and a contributor to POLITICO joins us to talk about his article, “How Trump Can Solve The Shortage of High-Tech Workers.”

Workers’ Memorial Day

April 28, 2017“Remember the dead, fight like hell for the living.” Buck Geno of Work in Progress Radio joins us to talk about the anniversary of Workers Memorial Day, and why we ...

State by State, Corporations are Changing America

April 28, 2017Author Gordon Lafer joins us to talk about his new book The One Percent Solution, How Corporations Are Remaking America One State At A Time, what drove him to write ...

Wisconsin lawmakers are at it again

April 28, 2017Buck Geno of Work in Progress Radio and special guest Michigan State Rep. David LeGrand join us to talk about legislation proposed in Wisconsin, calling to expel students who take ...

Tinfoil Hat Awards

April 28, 2017Media Matters Researcher Bobby Lewis joins us to announce this week’s winners of the tinfoil hat awards!

Labor Fest, March for Climate, and a slew of DC events

April 28, 2017Chris Garlock of the DC Labor Council joins us to talk about the big March for Climate, Jobs, and Justice happening this Saturday in Washington DC, and the official kick ...

Trump picks on another judge

April 28, 2017Deb Kline of the Cleveland Jobs with Justice joins us to talk about the protections the checks and balance system in government brings us, and why our legislators and President ...

Protests to Protect Jobs and the Environment

April 28, 2017Doug Cunningham of Workers Independent News joins us to talk about the upcoming labor events happening around the country in the coming days, and why its important to take part ...

Informed Dissent: Running the Government Like a Business is…Well…Bad Business

April 27, 2017This week on Informed Dissent, Tom Balya talk about contradictions. Trump wants to run the government like a business, but many government functions aren’t profitable. He also asks if fiscal ...

Workers and Environmentalists Team Up To Create Sustainable Jobs in America

April 27, 2017Vice President Mike Williams of the Blue Green Alliance joins us to talk about what we have to do to get good jobs back and protect the environment at the ...

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Corporations are Changing America, How Citizens Can Stand Up Against it: Author Gordon Lafer on what the 99% can do. ow.ly/CsqO30bhc29 ...

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Deb Kline of Cleveland Jobs with Justice joins us to talk about why we need a National Women’s Day of Action in addition to #EqualPay Day:

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