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HealthCare Politics: Democratic Politician Jason Kander, on Progressive Politics and Protecting the Right to Vote

February 20, 2017HealthCare Politics: Attorney Steve Larchuk invites Democratic rising star Jason Kander, former Missouri Secretary of State and 2016 Senate candidate, to talk about why unapologetically progressive politics works even in ...

On the table: Outsourcing Accountability Act

February 17, 2017Buck Geno from Work in Progress Radio talks about corporate subsidies and an interesting new MI state bill that could shine light on where in the world US companies are ...

Tinfoil Hat Awards

February 17, 2017Media Matters’ researcher Bobby Lewis joins us to hand out this week’s tinfoil hat awards.

We’re not just fighting, we’re building

February 17, 2017Connie Mabin joins us from USW/NextGen to talk about youth in the labor movement. We’re not just fighting, but building.

An excuse to bully the press (again)

February 17, 2017We discuss yesterday’s epic press conference with Politico White House reporter Tara Palmeri.

Labor Headlines: The Good, The Bad, and the Hopeful

February 17, 2017Doug Cunningham from Workers Independent News updates us on the labor climate around the country. This week has seen some wins, some losses, and some hope for the future.

Weakened Ethics Rule Lets Lobbyists In

February 15, 2017After spending years as a lobbyist opposing wage standards and limits to workers’  chemical exposure, Geoff Burr landed a top job at the Labor Department. How does this happen? ProPublica ...

Federal hiring freeze affects health and safety

February 15, 201785% of federal employees live outside of the DC area, and most of them aren’t “paper pushers.” Cory Bythrow, Deputy Chief of Staff for AFGE, explains how a federal hiring ...

Town Halls are Working

February 15, 2017Democracy for America’s Jim Dean joins us to talk about Pudzer’s nomination and how effective going to a town hall is proving to be.

Can they really ditch Obamacare?

February 15, 2017Can the GOP really repeal or replace Obamacare? Dan Diamond from Politico Pulse joins us for an in depth discussion.

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