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An inspirational pre-apprenticeship program

November 20, 2017Chris Garlock joins us from the DC Labor Council to talk about a pre-apprenticeship program for low income DC residents, describing the love that instructor Rosella Scott puts into educating ...

Unions and demoocracy

November 20, 2017Labor reporter Doug Cunningham discusses why unions are vital to our democratic rights.

Bill Londrigan – KY AFL-CIO – Protecting the American Dream

November 20, 2017Bill Londrigan, President of the Kentucky AFL-CIO, discusses why it’s vitally important that retired workers are able to collect the pensions that they earned while they were working. (Wait – ...

Breaking Through by MomsRising: #StandUpSpeakOut

November 20, 2017On the radio show this week we talk about the destructive GOP tax plan and what you can do to fight back; gun safety policies and why they are needed; ...

How can we solve the opioid crisis?

November 20, 2017How can we solve the opioid crisis? Sarah Karlin-Smith, health care reporter for POLITICO explains the opioid crisis, and how America can change it’s practices and policies to help bring ...

Sunday Lies

November 20, 2017Trump administration officials use Sunday news shows to lie about GOP tax bills, Katie Sullivan reports for Media Matters.

American Federation of Government Employees District Report – Episode 10

November 20, 2017Trump’s proposed budget for the Social Security Administration was anemic, and the senate wants to cut it even further than that. But all is not lost! Witold Skwierczynski, President of ...

Jim Dean – Democracy for America – November 15, 2017

November 15, 2017Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America, talks about recent recent and upcoming political races.

Katie Schneider – Appletree Media Works – November 15, 2017

November 15, 2017Visual web content continues to be on the rise, this makes sense as people are more likely to remember what they see compared to what they read. Katie Schneider from ...

Craig Harrington – Media Matters – Shep Smith Debunks Fox News Fake Story

November 15, 2017Shep Smith stepped out of the Fox News box and debunked his own network’s Uranium One lie, Media Matters’ Craig Harrington reports.

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