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Doug Cunningham – WIN – Civil Rights Groups Skeptical of Alex Acosta

March 22, 2017We speak with Doug Cunningham from Workers Independent News, who says civil rights groups are skeptical of Alexander Acosta’s nomination for the Secretary of Labor, for multiple reasons.

Danny Vinik – POLITICO – 6 Surprises in Trump’s Budget

March 22, 2017Danny Vinik of POLITICO joins us to talk about 6 surprises in Trump’s budget. We all expected cuts to the EPA, but did we expect higher fight costs?

Beth Tudan & Olga Hernandez – LOWV – The Redistricting Coalition: One Virginia 2021

March 21, 2017Beth Tudan and Olga Hernandez of the League of Women Voters to discuss voting rights around the world compared to the United States as well as the coalition they are ...

Daniel John Riggs & Jennie Campbell – NEA – Gorsuch Rules Against Special Needs Children

March 21, 2017Daniel John Riggs and Jennie Campbell of the NEA join us to continue the conversation about Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. As people within the school system they are ...

Julie Alderman – Media Matters – Gorsuch’s History of Being Against Voting Rights

March 21, 2017Julie Alderman of Media Matters comes on the program to talk about Neil Gorsuch’s nomination and how he is very against voting rights.

Ebonie Williams – Attacks on Social Security

March 21, 2017Ebonie Williams joins us discuss Mick Mulvaney’s plans to attack Social Security which is one of America’s most popular programs.

Mike Plaskon – NALC Branch 84 – Yearly Food Drive Goal Up To 1.5 Million Pounds

March 21, 2017Mike Plaskon and Ted Lee of the NALC Branch 84 join us to talk about their yearly spring food drive. Their goal for this year is 1.5 Million pounds of ...

College Students Join BCTGM Fight for Jobs

March 20, 2017College students are supporting BCTGM in their fight for jobs with Nabisco/Mondelese, as BCTGM members fight for students’ rights in turn. Ron Baker, their Strategic Campaign Coordinator, joins us to talk ...

Could kicking out young people fix this healthcare disaster?

March 20, 2017Politico has a controversial solution to our health insurance woes: kick young adults off of their parents’ health insurance. Paul Demko joins us to explain.

Breaking Through by MomsRising: Congress Can Stop the Budget of Doom

March 20, 2017On the #RADIO show this week we talk about the national security impacts of Trumps false Tweets; we hear about the latest in the fight for healthcare in DC and ...

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