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Laura Wiens – PPT – Pittsburghers For Public Transit Wins Routs Back for Communities In Need

December 15, 2017Laura Wiens of Pittsburghers for Pubic Transit joins us to talk about their effort to fight for better public transit in Pittsburgh. They have brought routs back to 6 communities ...

Informed Action – Who Won The Dems Alabama?

December 14, 2017This week on Informed Action with Tom Balya and Allen Kukovich we go over the Democratic win in Alabama, as well as the repeal of Net Neutrality.

Levi Allen – UMWA – What Are Coal Workers Fighting For Right Now?

December 14, 2017From the United Mine Workers of America we have Levi Allen, Secretary Treasurer of the union on the program to talk about the things that the mine workers are fighting ...

The Education Watchdog – Why Teacher’s Unions Are Good

December 14, 2017The Education Watchdog Segment with Butch Santicola brings us the great guest Dolores McCracken, the President of the PSEA. We go over the positive aspects of Teacher’s Unions and how ...

Just Transitions – Revitalizing our Sewage System

December 14, 2017This week on Just Transitions with Dr Patty DeMarco, she invites Thomas Hoffman from the Sierra Club on the program to talk about the importance of fixing our sewage infrastructure.

Steven Overly – POLITICO – How Will A Ne Neutrality Curtail Hurt The Average Consumer

December 14, 2017Seven Overly from POLICO comes on the program to continue our discussion on net neutrality and how this will affect the average internet user.

Rob Savillo – Media Matters – Net Neutrality is On The Chopping Block

December 14, 2017Media Maters research analyst Rob Savillo joins us to discuss net neutrality and the pending revocation of the current rules that were set in place by the Obama administration.

Hedrick Smith – Deep In The GOP Tax Plan

December 14, 2017Hedrick Smith of joins us to go over his in depth analysis of the GOP tax plan and many of the ways that it will affect the working class ...

Alyssa Hansen – TN AFL-CIO – December 13, 2017

December 13, 2017Alyssa Hansen joins of from the Tennessee AFL-CIO.

Berry Craig – KY AFL-CIO – Republicans Lose Big in Alabama

December 13, 2017We talk about yesterdays’ big Alabama Senate race Berry Craig joins us from the Kentucky Labor Council.

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