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Healthcare Politics with Steve Larchuk: S1 Ep 24:Tom Baribeault and Jeffrey Molter of The Society For Opioid Free Surgery

July 24, 2017Tom Baribeault and Jeffrey Molter of the Society For Opioid Free Surgery join Steve Larchuk to talk about ways to get ahead of the opioid crisis by performing surgeries with ...

Alex Kaplan – Media Matters – Tin Foil Hat Awards

July 21, 2017Alex Kaplan of Media Matters presents The Tin Foil Hat Awards!

Doug Cunningham – Worker’s Independent News – Randi Weingarten’s Powerful Speech During The AFT Convention

July 21, 2017The Newest NLRB Appointees Are Anti-Union Doug Cunningham of Worker’s Independent News joins us to talk about how he was inspired by Randi Weingarten’s powerful speech at the AFT Convention. ...

Buck Geno – Work In Progress Radio – How The H2A Visas Fails To Protect Workers Who Are In The Most Need Of Protection

July 21, 2017There Are Not Examples Of Education Vouchers Working Buck Geno of Work In Progress Radio joins us to talk about how even though H2A visas allow migrant workers to legally ...

Buck Geno And David LeGrand – Work In Progress Radio – Labor News In Michigan

July 21, 2017Buck Geno of Work In Progress Radio has guest David LeGrand on the program to talk about what is happening in labor news in the Michigan area

Mike Lamb – Turnaround For Children – Ways To Handle Extreme Stress For Children

July 21, 2017Turnaround For Children was founded to give teachers and social workers the skills to deal with children handling extreme stress in their lives. Fully 80% of children in any given ...

Mary Cathryn Ricker – AFT – The Importance Of Learning Language In The Global Market

July 21, 2017AFT Vice President Mary Cathryn Ricker talks about the value of language learning in the global market. Businesses should support our public schools because they train their future workers!

Loretta Johnson – AFT – School Vouchers Aren’t Improving Education

July 21, 2017We can’t show even one place where school vouchers have successfully improved education. So why do we keep trying it? Loretta Johnson, AFT Secretary Treasurer, poses this question along with ...

Andrew Spar – Florida Education Association – Proposed Bill Gives Private Companies A Way To Make A Mess Of The Education System

July 21, 2017The Florida charter school situation sounds like something out of a political drama. A bill created behind closed doors amounts to a huge giveaway to charter schools companies, and these ...

Hedrick Smith – Reclaim The American Dream – The Problem of Gerrymandering

July 20, 2017It’s Not The Best Candidate That Usually Wins In The US Hedrick Smith, an affiliate of reclaimtheamericandream.org, joins us to talk about one of the main things attacking our democracy, ...

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We need the union movement to fight for healthcare. theunionedge.com/need-union-movement-fight-healthcare/ #healthcarecantwait ...

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Right wing media still blames Obama, forgets the GOP role in the growing number of people with no health insurance. theunionedge.com/still-blames-obama/ ...

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Doug Cunningham of Worker’s Independent News on Randi Weingarten’s powerful speech at the AFT Convention. theunionedge.com/doug-cunningham-workers-independent-news-randi-weingartens-powerful-speech-aft-c... ...

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Mary Cathryn Ricker from AFT on the importance of learning language in the global market: theunionedge.com/mary-cathryn-ricker-aft-importance-learning-language-global-market/ ...

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