Frank Snyder – PA AFL-CIO – What is The AFL’s Plan For Labor Day?

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Frank Snyder of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO joins us to talk about what they are doing for Labor Day. The theme this year will be “Freedom To Join Together”. We also talk about the state budget and how it is going to be difficult to get it passed soon, but they do have to have it done by September 11th.

Fran Wright & Chris Mantranga – What Are Benefits of Federal Scientific Research

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Fran Wright, President of AFGE Local 1916 and Chris Mantranga, Research Scientist at the National Energy Technology Laboratory come on the program to talk about the benefits of having federally funded research. One of the biggest reasons is that due to this research being so dangerous and expensive to do, it is unlikely that corporations would even do this research in the first place.

Katie Sullivan – Media Matters – Brian Kilmeade Thinks The Russia Investigation Should be Called Off

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Katie Sullivan of Media Matters talks about how Brian Kilmeade from Fox news says that the Russia collusion investigation should be ended because in his opinion there hasn’t been enough evidence presented. The truth is that this is not how investigations work.

Bill Spriggs – The American Prospect – Why the White Worker Theme is Harmful

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Professor of Economics, Bill Spriggs at Howard University joins us for our series The Wages of Neglect based on the series by the same name in The American Prospect. Bill talks to us about how the biggest barrier to convincing workers to be pro-union is their lack of empathy for fellow workers and instead having an alliance with their bosses instead.

Part of “The Wages of Neglect”, a series presented with The American Prospect and The Democratic Strategist, focused on the economic abandonment of middle America and its political consequences. The articles and authors featured are on Live Thursdays.

Lawrence Mishel – EPI – The Makeup of Union Membership Has Shifted To Become More Diverse

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President of the Economic Policy Institute, Lawrence Mishel, joins us to talk about how the membership of unions has shifted from what it was historically. Once dominated by white males, unions now are about 46% women and 36% people of color. Also, about 65% of Americans say that if they had to option to join a union in their workplace, they would.

John O’Grady – AFGE – The Trump administration wants to cut EPA’s budget by 30%

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The Trump administration wants to cut EPA’s budget by 30% – even though its currently only 0.2% of the overall federal budget.  What would this mean for our clean air, clean water, and overall health and safety? We talk with John O’Grady, President of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) National Council of EPA Locals #238.