The Labor Intensive – Labor Day In Pittsburgh

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This week on The Labor Intensive with Rosemary Trump and Charlie McCollester we talk about what the Labor Day Parade in Pittsburgh was like and the great turnout they witnessed. In addition to Labor Day and the many topics connected to it, we also discussed some of the real history behind some Civil War icons.

Kate Gjaja & Lali Watt – LWV – Affordable Housing, Minimum Wage, and Automatic Voter Registration

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In this two part interview with The League of Women Voters in Willamette Illinois we first have Kate Gjaja on to talk about the League’s effort to inform people on the facts and benefits of affordable housing. She also proudly mentions that Illinois is the 10th state to implement automatic voter registration. In the second part of the interview we have Lali Watt on to discuss minimum wage issues and the banning of coal tar.

Michael Johnston & Jim Chase – All of These Crazy Things Trump Is Doing Are Just Distractions From The Russia Investigation

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Former teacher Michael Johnston and host of Cut To The Chase Talk Radio, Jim Chase join us to discuss a lot of the issues going on in our country right now. One of the main points that we hit is the fact that all of these issues that Trump is brining up like DACA or the transgender military ban are not only terrible attacks on Americans, but also are a distraction from the Russian collusion investigation.

Mary Bottari – PR Watch – ‘State Policy Network’ Is A Shady Organization Bent On Destroying Public Unions

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From the Center For Media & Democracy and PR Watch we have Mary Bottari with us to talk about their most recent exposure of the lobbying and think tank group The State Policy Network. This is an $80 million organization thats main goal is to destroy public sector unions.

Cristina Lopez – Media Matters – Many People in DACA Only Know The US as Home

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From Media Matters we have Cristina Lopez on the program to continue our discussion on DACA. Many of the people in DACA only know the United States as their home country and also might not know the language of the countries where they were born, and therefore would be put into harms way if they were to be deported.

Linda Benesch – SSW – Trump is fundamentally a coward for attacking DACA

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Linda Benesch from Social Security Works says that Trump is fundamentally a coward for attacking DACA. A large number of people in the DACA program are contributing to Social Security and are not receiving any other government benefits, so eliminating this program is a huge mistake.

The District Sentinel – Up To 95% Of DACA Participants Are In College or Have Full Time Jobs

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Sam Knight and Sam Sacks from The District Sentinel join us to talk about how the destruction of DACA is a betrayal to hard working immigrants. Since 91-95% of people in the DACA program are college students or full time workers it makes no sense that Donald Trumps has decided to attack these contributing members of society.