Bryant Simon – The Hamlet Fire: A Tragic Story of Cheap Food, Cheap Government, and Cheap Lives

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Bryant Simon, author of “The Hamlet Fire: A Tragic Story of Cheap Food, Cheap Government, and Cheap Lives” joins us to summarize the events of September 3rd 1991 in Hamlet, North Carolina. This is a story of a fire that killed 25 people due to poor working conditions. This is explained as a product of poor investment or caring about people, product quality, and living conditions.

Kay Tillow – Unions For Single Payers – Single Payer is The Way For America

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Kay Tillow from Unions for Single Payer joins us to talk about how single payer has become a much more popular idea since the heavy attack on the ACA. She also explains how, despite the expense of single payer, we are very clearly going to save money by going that rout instead of our current or any other system.

The New American Economy: Glasgow, Scotland and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sister Cities Becoming Post-Industrial

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This week on The New American Economy, Dr. Patty DeMarco has Grant Ervin from Pittsburgh and Jamie Cooke from Glasgow, Scotland on the program to talk about how the two cities are sister cities working to revitalize themselves after being industrial cities for many year and now having to transition to a post-industrial society. A big idea covered in this episode is the transition to a different try of workforce that was previously known in these cities. In Pittsburgh this manifests and investment in the energy industry, and in Glasgow this is seen though the creation of a union for the self-employed and investments in some manufacturing industries.

Doug Cunningham – WIN – Lets Deport Nazis, Not DACA Recipients

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Doug Cunningham from Workers Independent News joins us to let fill us in on the most recent Gallop Poll saying that 61% of people in America approve of unions. We also go over a legal challenge to the DACA repeal and how the Chicago Tribune says we should deport Nazis before we deport Dreamers. We finish up with the announcement that Canada says that the United States must repeal right to work legislation because the practice is unfair.