Informed Action – The Anti-Smoking Campaign and Climate Change Awareness Have A Lot In Common

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This week on Informed Action with Allen Kukovich and Tom Balya we talk about the similarities between the campaign to inform people on the dangers of smoking and climate change. It is clear that large businesses really benefit from climate change not being taken seriously which is the same thing that happened with smoking.

Katie Warczak – CGE – Penn State Administration Claims Graduate Students Aren’t Employees and They’re Wrong

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Katie Warczak from the Coalition of Graduate Employees joins us to talk about the Penn State graduate students’ hearing to determine if they are employees or not. They have been at odds with the administration for quite a while. Especially because of the administration’s claim that graduate students aren’t employees.

Jason Schwartz – POLITICO – Is Facebook Really Curbing Fake News?

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From POLITICO we have Jason Schwartz on the program to talk about Facebook’s effort to reduce fake news and how they are still allowing Russian hackers to purchase ad space. It is also unclear how effective this has been because Facebook refuses to share any tangible information with the public.

Guy Molyneux – The American Prospect – A Tale of Two Populisms

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Guy Molyneux from The American Prospect comes on the program for the fourth installment of our series “The Wages of Neglect” He studies primarily white working class people and their political views and actions. Today he tells us how Donald Trump was elected because of this population of people and what they were thinking.

Part of “The Wages of Neglect”, a series presented with The American Prospect and The Democratic Strategist, focused on the economic abandonment of middle America and its political consequences. The articles and authors featured are on Live Thursdays.