9/8 Vet’s Voice: Veterans Deserve a Fully Staffed VA Hospital

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Segment 1: Will Attig from The Union Veterans Council joins us to talk about how the problem with the VA Hospital is not the workers it is the administration and congress who refuse to staff and fund the VA so that it can work properly.

Segment 2: Nikki Wentling of Stars and Stripes comes on the program to talk about the difficulties that a research project to see how marijuana can help veterans with PTSD and TBI because they are having a hard time finding eligible candidates. It also is unclear as to why the VA is not doing better to get more participants for this important research.

Segment 3: Joe Malizia and Jim Rihel of AFGE Local 940 join us to urge people to support bills 3459 and S1723 which fully fund and staff the VA. These VA issues are not partisan issues and shouldn’t be so difficult for congress to pass.

Deb Kline – Cleveland JWJ – Deadline for Last DACA Renewal is October 5th

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Deb Kline for Cleveland Jobs With Justice comes on the program to fill us in on an important deadline to get DACA recipients to be eligible for a 2 year extension. That deadline is October 5 for anyone’s DACA status that expires sometime between September 5th and March 5h. This will be the last group eligible for a DACA extension.

Christian Smith – Generation Progress – America Is Home For DACA Recipients

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Christian Smith of Generation Progress joins us to talk about their personal connection with DACA recipients. He explains how these people are basically Americans in that they don’t know any other home country and that they are people that are really looking forward to their future in education and work and are very rarely related to criminal activity.

Joan Williams – White Working Class: Overcoming Class Cluelessness

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Joan Williams, author of White Working Class: Overcoming Class Cluelessness, comes on the program to explain the misconception of what the middle class really is. In a good number of cases, people making over $200,000 a year still consider themselves middle class which causes real confusion when people making much less than that are the real middle class. She says that the real struggle in our country is not the 99% and the 1%, but is actually the top 17% vs the middle 53% and people below that really just want respect and basic human decency.

Doug Cunningham – WIN – Workers Won’t Settle For Crumbs When It Comes To NAFTA Renegotiations

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Doug Cunningham of Worker’s independent News joins us to update us on NAFTA negotiations. It appears that worker’s issues aren’t really being looked at very seriously but the AFL-CIO is fighting hard to make sure the focus isn’t only on multi-national corporations who seem to be dominating the conversation. We also talk about how the Chicago City Council voted unanimously to support airport workers by raising wages and mandating a peace agreement with workers looking to organize a union.