Dr. Karen Dwyer & Dr. Bill Purcell – Point Park U – Faculty Wins a Contract After a 13 Year Battle

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Dr. Karen Dwyer and Dr. Bill Purcell who are staff at Point Park University join us in studio to announce that they have finally gotten their first contract 13 years after the beginning of their unionization process. They talk about how some of the professors were paid as little as $25,000 a year which Karen describes as “grotesque”. One of the methods that Karen said helped them win was treating each other as if they had a union even when they didn’t.

Jim Chase – Cut To The Chase – Betsy DeVos Pushes Religious Agenda For Schools

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Jim Chase of Cut to the Chase Talk Radio talks to us about Betsy DeVos and her efforts to push a religious agenda for everyone in the country’s education system. This is in cooperation with the effort to privatize every aspect of our government that works for the average people in this country.

Katie Sullivan – Media Matters – Right Wing Media Has a New and Fake Voter Fraud Story

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Today from Media Matters we have Katie Sullivan on with us to talk about how right-wing media has a new story on why they think voter fraud exists. They say that its voters registering in the wrong states or districts, but this isn’t technically voter fraud and is also mainly college students that move to go to school.

Stuart Gardner – SMART – For Trains To Be Safe, They Need At Least 2 Conductors

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Stuart Gardner of SMART, the union of train workers and sheet metal workers joins us to explain the importances of having two workers driving trains in our country to keep us safe. Many trains are larger than they were in the past and some are up to 3 times as long.

The District Sentinel – Self-Driving Cars Will Be Coming Very Soon

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From The District Sentinel we have Sam Knight and Sam Sacks on the program to talk about self-driving cars and how we need to prepare our country for the big transition in the transportation industry. Within 3 years, self-driving car companies will be able to put 100,000 self-driving vehicles on the road.