Steve Newman and Jennie Shanker – Temple University – Philly University Union Gets a 15% Raise for Low Paid Employees

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We have Steve Newman and Jennie Shanker from Temple University in Philadelphia come on the program to talk about how they have finally gotten their union contract after 15 months of negotiation. One of the biggest wins was a 15% pay increase for the lowest paid workers at the University.

Just Transitions – Pittsburgh Will be on 100% Renewable Energy by 2035

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This week on Just Transitions with Dr Patty DeMarco we have Eva Resnick-Day from the Sierra Club on the program to talk about how Pittsburgh is moving towards 100% renewable energy by 2035. A surprising fact given by Eva is that there are twice as many jobs in the renewable energy field than there are in the fossil fuel industry in Pennsylvania.

The New American Economy: Public Banking Is Better For Local Communities

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This week on The New American Economy with Dr Patty Demarco we have Mike Krauss, a chair of the PA Public Banking Project, on the program to go over why public banks are much better banks than the banks that we are familiar with. Not only are costs lower in public banks, but they also contribute to the local economy because the only shareholders are the people in the community.