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Jim Dean – Democracy for America – November 15, 2017

November 15, 2017Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America, talks about recent recent and upcoming political races.

Katie Schneider – Appletree Media Works – November 15, 2017

November 15, 2017Visual web content continues to be on the rise, this makes sense as people are more likely to remember what they see compared to what they read. Katie Schneider from ...

Craig Harrington – Media Matters – Shep Smith Debunks Fox News Fake Story

November 15, 2017Shep Smith stepped out of the Fox News box and debunked his own network’s Uranium One lie, Media Matters’ Craig Harrington reports.

Berry Craig – KY AFL-CIO – KY Governor Is Ready To Destroy The Public Pension System

November 15, 2017Berry Craig joins us from the KY Labor Institute to discuss what how their governor wants to address underfunded pensions.

Doug Cunningham – WIN – The State Policy Network Is Trying to Destroy Unions

November 15, 2017The State Policy Network is a think tank active in 49 states that wants to deal a death blow to unions, reports Doug Cunningham joins us from Workers Independent News ...

Voices of Westmoreland – November 14, 2017

November 15, 2017Ellen Rosenburger joins us for The Voices Of Westmoreland to talk about the recent elections and events going on in Westmoreland County

Stuart Gardner – SMART – Fighting For Rail Worker Rights

November 15, 2017From SMART Ohio we have Stuart Gardner on the program to talk about current struggles on the train industry.

The Labor Intensive – Democratic Socialists are the New Democrats

November 14, 2017This week on The Labor Intensive with Charlie McCollester and Rosemary Trump they bring a historical perspective to modern news. Some of the news they cover is the influence of ...

The Point of Pittsburgh – The Business Tax Situation in Pittsburgh

November 14, 2017This week on The Point of Pittsburgh we discuss local taxation in Pittsburgh with Charlie McCollester and Rosemary Trump.

Amy McGrath – Running for Congress in Kentucky

November 14, 2017Political candidate Amy McGrath comes on the program to talk about her history in the military and how that influences her politics. She says, “It’s time to keep our promises ...

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65% of Americans say that if they had to option to join a union in their workplace, they would. theunionedge.com/lawrence-mishel-epi-makeup-union-membership-shifted-become-diverse/ ...

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[LISTEN] Mary Yordon, President, Norwalk Federation of Teachers, discusses the layers of an education budget: theunionedge.com/mary-yordon-aft-breaking-layers-education-budget/ ...

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[LISTEN] David Van Arsdale, author of Poverty of Work: Selling Servant, Slave and Temporary Labor on the Free Market theunionedge.com/david-van-arsdale-poverty-work-selling-servant-slave-temporary-labor-free-market/ ...

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#TheLaborIntensive: Connecting Immigration, Mexican Drug Cartels, For-Profit Prisons, and The Gig Economy theunionedge.com/labor-intensive-connection-immigration-mexican-drug-cartels-prisons-gig-economy/ ...

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