Jim Chase & Brandon Dillon – Quality Candidates Are Lining Up For 2018

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Jim Chase of Cut To The Chase Talk Radio brings Brandon Dillon of the Michigan Democratic Council on our program to talk about the huge amount of money in Michigan politics. Due to all of this money, Democrats and Progressives have been organizing grassroots efforts to do well in the 2018 election since November 10th of 2016. A huge benefit that we will see in the 2018 elections is that a huge number of quality candidates are running for office now.

Jim Dean – Democracy for America – It’s “Call Your Senator” Time Again

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Jim Dean of Democracy for America says “It’s call your senator time.” With the newest attack on the ACA it is more important than ever to make sure your voice is heard. It is crazy that it might be possible that a bill with only 15% public approval will pass.

Jim Chase & Bill Black – Canada Demands “Right To Work” Be Taken Off The Table

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Jim Chase of Cut To The Chase Talk Radio and Bill Black the Legislative Director for the Teamsters in Michigan come on the program to discuss ways in which capitalism is running amuck and hurting working people. Canada has even demanded that The United States take Right to Work off the table at NAFTA negotiations. We have to end this race to the bottom when it comes to the quality of the products and services we provide here in the United States just to keep wages low.

Jim Chase – Cut To The Chase – Betsy DeVos Pushes Religious Agenda For Schools

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Jim Chase of Cut to the Chase Talk Radio talks to us about Betsy DeVos and her efforts to push a religious agenda for everyone in the country’s education system. This is in cooperation with the effort to privatize every aspect of our government that works for the average people in this country.

9/8 Vet’s Voice: Veterans Deserve a Fully Staffed VA Hospital

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Segment 1: Will Attig from The Union Veterans Council joins us to talk about how the problem with the VA Hospital is not the workers it is the administration and congress who refuse to staff and fund the VA so that it can work properly.

Segment 2: Nikki Wentling of Stars and Stripes comes on the program to talk about the difficulties that a research project to see how marijuana can help veterans with PTSD and TBI because they are having a hard time finding eligible candidates. It also is unclear as to why the VA is not doing better to get more participants for this important research.

Segment 3: Joe Malizia and Jim Rihel of AFGE Local 940 join us to urge people to support bills 3459 and S1723 which fully fund and staff the VA. These VA issues are not partisan issues and shouldn’t be so difficult for congress to pass.

Michael Johnston & Jim Chase – All of These Crazy Things Trump Is Doing Are Just Distractions From The Russia Investigation

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Former teacher Michael Johnston and host of Cut To The Chase Talk Radio, Jim Chase join us to discuss a lot of the issues going on in our country right now. One of the main points that we hit is the fact that all of these issues that Trump is brining up like DACA or the transgender military ban are not only terrible attacks on Americans, but also are a distraction from the Russian collusion investigation.