Carrena Rouse and Glenda Booker – AFT – Rural WV Schools Comparable to 3rd World Schools

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We start the day with two interviews from the American Federation of Teachers’ convention last week. Carrena Rouse, Boone County Federation of Teachers President, compares her state frequently to a third world country, where she recently saw a shoe drive, and many children come to school for both breakfast and lunch. It’s really difficult to understand the kind of extreme poverty that exists in rural WV without seeing it for yourself. When a region relies on a single industry, she says, the entire community is at risk.

Then we discuss the ways that poverty, compounded by inadequate school funding, also affects the kids of Detroit with Glenda Booker, the Secretary for Detroit Federation of Teachers local 231. She has so many students in language arts classes that the desks are first come, first served.