The Point of Pittsburgh – Transportation is at a Huge Risk in Pittsburgh

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On the Point of Pittsburgh with Rosemary Trump and Charlie McCollester, we talk about transportation locally here in Pittsburgh and how Uber drivers have seen a huge pay cut and our public transit system is going to see a huge cut as well. This sort of issue is going to severally damage our local economy in Pittsburgh.

The Labor Intensive – Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of The Homestead Strike

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This week on The Labor Intensive with Rosemary Trump and Charlie McCollester, they have guest Mark Clayton Southers on the program. Mark is an award winning playwright as well as many other theater related jobs. He is with us to talk about the play that he wrote and produced to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the 1892 Homestead Strike.

Maggie Bush – League of Women Voters – National Voter Registration Day is September 26th!

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Maggie Bush, the Program and Outreach Director from the League of Women Voters joins us to talk about National Voter Registration Day, which is coming up on September 26. This is the day of the year that The League gets out there and does their best to get people registered to vote. This includes new citizens, people just turning 18, and anyone else who isn’t yet registered to vote.

Jim Chase & Bill Black – Canada Demands “Right To Work” Be Taken Off The Table

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Jim Chase of Cut To The Chase Talk Radio and Bill Black the Legislative Director for the Teamsters in Michigan come on the program to discuss ways in which capitalism is running amuck and hurting working people. Canada has even demanded that The United States take Right to Work off the table at NAFTA negotiations. We have to end this race to the bottom when it comes to the quality of the products and services we provide here in the United States just to keep wages low.

Scott Bland – POLITICO – Political Campaigns Need To Look Out For Hackers Now

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From POLITICO we have Scott Bland on the program to discuss how new political campaigns are having to consider the risk of hackers at a much earlier part of their campaign. Before this last presidential election it didn’t seem like as big of an issue, but now it is clear that people need to be preparing very early on in the campaign process.

Julie Alderman – Media Matters – Republicans Claim Newest ACA Attack is A Compromise Which Is Not True At All

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Julie Alderman from Media Matters joins us to talk about the new Republican healthcare bill and how they claim it is a compromise. It is far form a compromise. It is more easily viewed as a way of making irresponsible republican governors look good and for democratic governors look bad.

AFGE District Report – Episode 3

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This week on the AFGE District Report we have Carl Biscontini and Gary Feathers of Local 1647 to discuss some of the hard work that repair technicians do for the government. They also talk about how the work that they do is much better than subcontracted work as well as a pay disparity that certain workers have due to the way they have been classified.

Eileen Appelbaum – CEPR – Unions Haven’t Lost Members, But Have Lost Density In The Healthcare Industry

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Eileen Appelbaum from the Center For Economic & Policy Research joins us to talk about the boom of healthcare work and how unions have not lost members, but have lost industry density. This loss in union density has caused wages to stay low despite workers being more educated than ever before.

Justin Williams & Lena Solow – Storycorps – Management Wouldn’t Listen, So They Formed A Union

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Justin Williams of Storycorps and Lena Solow of CWA Local 1180 come on the program to talk about the Storycorps organizing efforts and their success in getting a union. This was a product of first voicing concerns with management, but those concerns being largely ignored.