Kevin Hickerson – Fairfax Education Association – Schools and Unions Need To Work Together Now More Than Ever

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Kevin Hickerson from the Fairfax Education Association joins us to talk about the latest goings on in their local education community. He talks about how we need unity from unions and education professionals to make it through these trying times.

If We Value Our Children, We Need to Invest In Them

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We fund what we value, and if we value our children, we should fund public schools, says Kevin Hickerson, president of the Fairfax Education Association. He joins us to talk about the results we see when we do (or don’t) invest in schools, early childhood education programs and teachers.

All Hands on Deck to Keep DeVos from Running the Ship

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The Education Watchdog: The President of the Fairfax Education Association Kevin Hickerson and Matt Edgell of the Western Pennsylvania Education Association join us to talk about how all hands are on deck to combat Betsy DeVos as as the Secretary of Education nominee.