IBEW members call out tech company for installing equipment from 1996

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Derek Jordan and Joe Mossa, workers at Charter/Spectrum and members of IBEW Local 3, join us to talk about how they have been on strike for 12 weeks and how they haven’t had a union contract since 2013. Without a contract, the company is basically trying to take away as many benefits as possible. Work conditions are a concern as well because the company is having technicians install equipment that dates back as far as 1996, and when the equipment fails, the workers are blamed instead of the company that refuses to update the technology.

The Republican Healthcare Bill Is Being Written Exclusively By White Men

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The ACA repeal and replace plan is being written in closed door meetings exclusively by white men, says Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner of Mom’s Rising. She joins us to talk about why this will be very bad for the average person in our country and the fact that the plan has very little support from the public.

Yale Graduate Students Tackle Sexual Harassment on Campus Through Union Fight

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Aaron Greenburg and Julia Powers from Local 33 at Yale join us to talk about how Yale refuses to bargain with the workers in Local 33 and their hunger strike to attempt to bring the Yale administration to the table. Julia also brings up the serious problem of how in cases of sexual harassment it is often that the victims of the harassment are the ones forced to leave and the perpetrators are allowed to stay.

Breaking Through by MomsRising: Name it. Change it! #PowerUp!

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This week we cover Eric Liu’s new book, “You’re More Powerful Than You Think;” we bust myths about immigration policy and cover the many contributions of immigrants to our economy; we talk what you can do to get rid of the motherhood wage hit; and discuss how fighting for liberty, justice, equity and equality can be both fun and high impact.
 *Special guests include: Eric Liu, Citizen University and award winning author; Elisa Ortiz, Appleseed Network; Maya Raghu, National Women’s Law Center; and Donna Norton, MomsRising.

Building Clean: A Free Website Tool to Buy Local and Environmentally Friendly Building Materials

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Kim Glas, President of the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation, joins us to announce their launch of Building Clean, a nifty free website that helps consumers and businesses buy local American-made products that minimize harm to the environment! It’s searcheable by type of product, their environmental impact, and even by the region that they are manufactured.