Rick Bloomingdale – PA AFL-CIO – Shutting Down Paycheck Deception

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Rick Bloomingdale, President of the PA AFL-CIO comes on the program to talk about the great victory that was the shutting down of the paycheck deception, which was a bill to stop public sector unions from being able to collect dues through paychecks. Luckily the bill wasn’t just pulled, but it was voted on and shot down.

Frank Snyder – PA AFL-CIO – What is The AFL’s Plan For Labor Day?

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Frank Snyder of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO joins us to talk about what they are doing for Labor Day. The theme this year will be “Freedom To Join Together”. We also talk about the state budget and how it is going to be difficult to get it passed soon, but they do have to have it done by September 11th.

Rick Bloomingdale – PA ALF-CIO – Miners’ Healthcare and the ACA

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Rick Bloomingdale of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO asserts that regardless of a legislator’s personal position on the law of the land, they have an ethical and professional obligation to fund legislation that has already been voted on and passed, including on miners’ healthcare and the ACA.

The Labor Intensive: Inspired to Run for Office

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In the first full week back in session, PA legislature has proposed eliminating paycheck dues deduction for public employees. Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale joins us to discuss this issue.
On this week’s edition of “The Labor Intensive,” Rosemary Trump and Charlie McCollester say democracy is alive and well! She talks about what she saw at the women’s march on Saturday, including an opportunity to bring new people into the political process, including young people who will run for office. She says, “It’s up to all of us… to find a way to give expression to people’s interest in advancing and protecting what it took – which was blood sweat and tears in the last century – to gain what we have today.”