Fighting Back Against False Claims of Voter Fraud

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Claims of voter fraud have been disproportionately dominating the public discussion, considering the extremely low rate of in-person voter fraud. The League of Women Voters calls the White House’s Election Integrity Commission a “fishing expedition” created to justify Pres. Trump’s false claims of widespread voter fraud. We speak with Jessica Jones Capparell, the LWVUS Interim Senior Director of Advocacy.

President Trump’s Poor Showing at NATO

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This week on Informed Action with Allen Kukovich and Tom Balya we have a upbeat discussion about political candidate Greg Gianforte choke slammed a reporter and how this crime will affect his ability to win his election. We also cover other important topics, like how President Trump spoke at the NATO conference and did not reiterate the US’s commitment to Article 5, despite this being something that was anticipated.

Sean Hannity is Hemorrhaging Sponsors After Promoting Seth Rich Conspiracy

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Eric Boehlert from Media Matters comes on the program to talk about how Sean Hannity is losing sponsors after claiming that 26 year old Seth Rich who was killed in a robbery was ordered to be killed by the Clintons despite these rumors being baseless. He decided to go on vacation after the lose of sponsors, and we’ll have to see if Fox News is going to let him come back from vacation.

Yale Graduate Students Tackle Sexual Harassment on Campus Through Union Fight

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Aaron Greenburg and Julia Powers from Local 33 at Yale join us to talk about how Yale refuses to bargain with the workers in Local 33 and their hunger strike to attempt to bring the Yale administration to the table. Julia also brings up the serious problem of how in cases of sexual harassment it is often that the victims of the harassment are the ones forced to leave and the perpetrators are allowed to stay.