Dangerous Cuts to Locomotive Staffing

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Locomotive companies are cutting back staffing, which can be dangerous for drivers and the public alike. We discuss this issue with Stuart Gardner, Chairman of the Transportation Division in SMART, the union representing workers in sheet metal, air, rail, and transportation. You can visit their website at www.smart-oslb.com

Battling Right to Work in KY Courts

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President of the Kentucky AFL-CIO, Bill Londrigan joins us to talk about their ongoing court battle to stop Right To Work in it’s tracks. Bill says that Right To Work legislation is unconstitutional because no other for of organization is required to provide services without payment.

Healthcare will kill people, jobs

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Labor leaders in West Virginia are extremely concerned about what the Senate’s healthcare bill could do to the state if it passes. Not only would it impede their fight against the opioid epidemic, but it would effectively cut funding to hospitals and eliminate 13,000 jobs. West Virginia AFL-CIO President Josh Sword joins us to discuss the details.

Utility Workers Union supports new energy legislation

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The Utility Workers Union has a large presence in the energy sector, including coal. The union has come out in support of the FUTURE Act, and they’re exploring how captured carbon can be used in a productive way. Government Affairs director Lee Anderson join us do discuss this as well as some green energy initiatives.

FUTURE Act is an acronym for Furthering carbon capture, Utilization, Technology, Underground storage, and Reduced Emissions.

Why working people will suffer from EPA & State Department Cuts

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J David Cox, the President of AFGE, joins us to talk about budget cuts under the current administration. He talks about how the EPA, the Department of the Interior, and the State Department are going to have some of the biggest cuts. From what we are seeing from they Administration we can predict that working people are going to suffer the most from these policies.