Workin Progress 2 with Buck Geno.

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Buck Geno of Work in Progress Radio joins us with special guest Tom Good, the Resident Officer in the Grand Rapids National Labor Relations Board joins us to talk about decisions on work rules written and unwritten that employees work under, and how they are finding that these rules are unlawful restraints on Sec, 7 rights.


April 29th, 2013

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  1. Pittsburgh EMT Union Heads Boston Marathon Donation Drive, plus The Return of the Twinkie

    Johnna Pro guest hosts today.

    Anthony Weinmann, Pittsburgh EMT Union President, describes how the EMT’s working for the Pittsburgh marathon are acting in charity for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.
    Twinkies are back! But without unions? What gives? Johnna and Charles weigh in.
    Janet Hill from the Coalition of Labor Union women discusses women’s issues in the workplace, and why they’re not just women’s issues.

  2. Workers Memorial Day, Exceptions to the Rule

    Eric Shulman, white hat lobbyist, discusses the Air Traffic Controller’s exception to the furlough is significant.
    Chris Garlock from the DC Labor Council describes their latest events.
    Charles Showalter is back to describe the International Workers Memorial Day commemoration in Pittsburgh.

  3. Sales Tax on Internet Purchases, Education Gets a Break

    Johnna Pro guest hosts today.

    Daniel Marans from Take Action News discusses some new bipartisan efforts in Washington regarding sales tax on internet purchases.
    Michael Johnston with Work in Progress Radio explains what’s happening with education in Michigan

  4. Bad News Disguised as Good News?
    Ed Coyle from the Alliance for Retired Americans discusses this morning’s vote to allow the FAA to continue as normal despite the furlough.  This is good news, but may also be bad news.

    Kentucky Labor Institute’s Berry Craig discusses journalism and unionism

  5. What Vets Need to Know, PA Governor Candidate Katie McGinty

    Johnna Pro guests hosts today

    Hal Donahue with What Vets Need to Know helps callers with their VA questions
    Solidarity News feature
    Katie McGinty has just announced she’s running for PA Governor, and she’s on the show to discuss jobs.

  6. Are Budget Cuts Really Cuts?

    Johnna Pro guest hosts today’s show

    Sharon Ward, exe director of the PA Budget and Policy Center discusses the pros and cons of liquor store privatization, what’s been proposed for school budgets, and just where the budget “cuts” are going.
    Buck Geno with Work in Progress Radio talks about flooding, marijuana in Michigan and more.

  7. Vegas Taxi Drivers are Looking Out for YOU

    Find out what long-hauling is, and why the taxi drivers unions are opposed to it. Sam Moffit calls from the Las Vegas Taxi Drivers.
    Cleveland Jobs with Justice’s Deb Kline discusses immigration.
    Stewart Acuff is giving away his book today only! He discusses “Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing” with us.

  8. One Average Worker Makes Her Voice Heard, plus Fast Food Workers Strike in Chicago

    Fast food workers are striking in Chicago, Dave Jamieson reports.
    How could the federal furlough affect the Boston Marathon bomber trial? David Nather, Senior Policy Reporter for POLITICO reports.
    Retired mine worker Shirley Inman flew across the country to make sure Patriot Coal keeps their promises.  Find out why this cause is so important to her.

  9. Take Action News & Work in Progress Radio

    David Shuster with Take Action News
    Buck Geno with Work In Progress Radio