Alex Nuesse – LWV – Gerrymandering Has Been Amplified by Technology

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Gerrymandering isn’t a new problem, but it’s been amplified by the use of technology. Perhaps no state has felt this more that North Carolina, where a the validity of one of the most gerrymandered congressional maps in the country is currently being questioned in court. Alex Nuesse joins us from The League of Women Voters in Asheville-Buncombe County to explain what’s happening now.

Craig Harrington – Media Matters – Trump’s Attacks On Legacy News Are Very Problematic

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Craig Harrington from Media Matters comes on the show to talk to us about how news veteran Bob Schieffer had pointed out that Trump’s attacks on legacy news organizations undermines people ability to trust what is and is not fact based in the news industry.

Linda Benesch – Social Security Works – GOP Tax Reform Will Hit Medicare Hard

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From Social Security Works we have Linda Benesch on the program to talk about the tax reform bills that are going through the House and Senate right now. In the Senate they have passed reconciliation which ties these tax breaks to cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and will allow them to pass this tax reform bill with only 51 votes.

The District Sentinel – Legislation on Credit Reporting Is Coming Soon After The Equifax Breach

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Sam Knight and Sam Sacks form The District Sentinel join us to talk about the fallout from the Equifax breach. It is still unclear what is going to happen in regards to what people will be able to do to protect themselves from being affected by a breach like this in the future.

American Federation Of Government Employees District Report – Episode 7

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Phil Glover, the National Vice President of AFGE District 3, joins us to talk about how Trump apointees aren’t taking the time to learn about the departments they’re in charge of before blindly making changes. Additionally, the proposed GOP budget will cut cost of living adjustments for government workers.

John Bivens – EPI – The FED Should Start Caring About Unemployment

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From the Economic Policy Institute we have Josh Bivens on the program to give us an in depth analysis on why we should be hoping for Janet Yellen to continue her work for the Federal Reserve. Unfortunately the Fed has historically cared very little about unemployment and a large amount about inflation. This is because inflation is good for debtors and lower unemployment is good for workers whom they care very little for.

Berry Craig – KY AFL-CIO – 7 H2A Visa Workers Strike To Protest Wage Theft

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Berry Craig of the Kentucky AFL-CIO joins us to talk about H2A visa workers from Mexico who are on strike right now in Kentucky. They had seen wage theft for 3 years and are standing up to fight bak against their employer who illegally stole their wages. This story is a classic tale when it comes to how migrant workers are treated here in the United States. When they first complained about their wages, their employers threatened to have them deported. Now the employer is refusing to pay the back wages.