The District Sentinel – Centrist Democrats Plan To Deregulate Big Banks

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Sam Knight from The District Sentinel joins us to talk about how some centrist democrats have agreed to work towards rolling back Dodd Frank which will lead to deregulation of all but the largest banks. Additionally we cover how Bob Corker is asking when the president has the authority to fire a nuclear weapon.

Celeste Drake – AFL-CIO – Wanting To Renegotiate NAFTA is NOT a Republican Ideal, It is a Worker Ideal

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Celeste Drake from the AFL-CIO joins us to talk about NAFTA renegotiations. An important point that is often overlooked in this debate is that wanting to renegotiate NAFTA is not a republican ideal and saying that it is just stops us from really working to help workers in Mexico, Canada, and the US.

Berry Craig – KY AFL-CIO – Kentucky’s Public Pensions Are Under Attack

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From the Kentucky AFL-CIO we have Berry Craig on the program to follow up on the issue with Kentucky’s public pension program. The Governor wants to pass a bill that cuts benefits to workers to compensate but it is bad for everyone, so It is quite unpopular.

Cristina Lopez – Media Matters – Sponsors Pull Ads From Sean Hannity’s Show

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Cristina Lopez of Media Matters comes on the program to talk about how advertisers are pulling their sponsorship from Sean Hannity’s program on Fox News because of his increasing instability and the conspiracy theories he is pushing. As a reaction Sean has attacked those businesses which is ultimately a poor decision for the company he works for, and not only for his own program.

Chris Garlock – DC Labor – Billionaire Closes Business to Send Message To Workers that Unionize

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From the DC Labor Council we have Chris Garlock on the program to talk about what is happening in organized labor as it pertains the news organizations. One of the stories he reports on is the closing of two business that had recently been bought by a billionaire because they had unionized. The second one is about how workers at The Washington Post have been offered scraps, instead of a real wage increase.

Doug Cunningham – WIN – Possible Constitutional Convention Orchestrated By The Kochs

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Doug Cunningham of Workers Independent News joins us to talk about congressmen Roy Moore, his allegations of pedophilia as well s sexual assault, and how many believe he is guilty. Additionally we cover the prospect of a constitutional convention which appears to be the workings of big money’s agenda by people like the Koch Brothers.